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08:24am 11/06/2016
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04:15am 23/08/2012

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09:06am 24/03/2005
mood: crushed
Where has Scribble Central gone?!

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Golly gee wizzz.... 
10:08pm 13/06/2004
  Haven't updated here in a while. This is probably because I update on the main page. Woosh.  

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It's true... 
11:31pm 23/05/2004
  There is indeed a new branch of SC, if you hadn't noticed. The SCMSLMSS ---> http://scribblecentral.abyss-uk.com/scmslmss/scmslmss.htm

That's all, as far as updates go. I haven't drawn anything but Sev and Luce since I set that up yesterday. Bwah!

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11:14pm 22/05/2004
  *Runs around like mad looking at all t he artwork on scribble central site*

*falls over*


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05:42pm 22/05/2004
  Smithy's here!!

...Hey...Come back...

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Ahha, a bright new dawn. 
02:43pm 22/05/2004
  Fantabulous. The new SC is up and running - frames, green, quadilaterals, Bartuk... And it all seems to work, which is an unexpected bonus.

And what goes hand in hand with a new layout? A new blog of course! And here it is. An LJ community... Now, if Smithy turns up, we can get this show on the road!

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